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Once again I've changed the design of the photo part of my Website. I'm trying to get it to be as hastle free as possible so I can keep it more up-to-date. I think I've come pretty close this time (I hope)...

Just click the link at the top to open it - there're navigation buttons to get you around.

Most Most of the pics are 640x480 but I have higher quality versions of most of 'em if anyone should need them.

Some of the pics are fairly bad quality, especially indoors ones. This is because we used either mine or Ste's digital cameras at the time. They only do lo-res pics and don't have a flash - but it was that or nothing.

This said, I've since had a Casio Exilim EX-S2 digital camera that has a flash etc so pics (2003 onwards) should all be pretty decent :o). I recently (September 2003) got a Canon A70. The combination of this and a photography book I read has made me start the "Photography" section of the website.